Becoming a counsellor at Frontline therapist

Frontline Therapist offers placements to trainee counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists, who are passionate about offering short and long-term mental health support to people in the community.

You will receive mental health training to be equipped with working with individuals with mental health needs.

You will be part of a growing and innovative community passionate about helping people that cannot normally afford and access therapy in the community.

We usually offer placements to students who have already completed the first year of a Diploma or post-graduate course. In some circumstances we may take on students in the first year of a Diploma/MA course if they have other valuable experience in the caring professions or on related placements.

All counsellors are required to provide counselling for up-to four clients, one evening/day a week. The majority of our client’s experience anxiety, depression, relationship breakdown, amongst other mild to moderate mental health difficulties. We will schedule clients for you, on a regular, weekly basis. We encourage an integrative approach and offer placements to trainees practicing a range of therapeutic modalities.

If you would like to become a counsellor at Frontline Therapist, please fill out the application below.

Due to an increasing amount of applications, we will open the recruitment process in April 2020.